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It's the simplest, easiest (CPU & GPU) Render farm
solution for Blender.

Terms & Conditions

This service is provided as-is and on a “best effort”(1) basis. The usage is only permitted for lawful purposes(2), and not in conflict(3) with the service itself or other users. But our Framework was developed with security best practices in mind.

Security and privacy

Exemplifications of 1, 2 and 3

1: Best effort: While steps are taken to mitigate security-risks and availability/performance-issues, assume the service is provided with no guarantees in regards to uptime or performance, and that your uploaded data is available for even unskilled “hackers” (e.g. the general public).
2: Lawful purposes: The following is not legal advice: You may only use the service to render lawful images. This means you need to have the appropriate rights to all assets in use, including e.g. self-created assets depicting copyrighted materials (for which you do not have the appropriate rights), or materials in breach of applicable laws (e.g. relating to hate-speech, containing personal data such as real names or social security numbers). As the applicable law might differ between your location and where the processing takes place, use “common sense” and avoid pushing the limits. Assume the most restrictive law of any EU country, the USA or your location is the one in effect.
3: Not in conflict: This means usage of the service designed in such a way as to probe our infrastructure, seeking to access content from other users or preventing others from using the service.
Personal data
This site does not intentionally capture personal information. Providing personal data in uploaded files or comment-fields is not permitted use of this service.
Grant of rights
In order to provide you service, we need to receive and process your work. Regardless of your chosen price-plan, we need the right to process the material on your behalf (e.g. you have the applicable rights to pass on to us for this purpose, for any 3rd party items), as well as holding us harmless from any issues arising from having your content in our possession (e.g. we can freely use know-how that may or may not be traced back to your work). By using our service, you agree to this.
Input provided in the feedback-form becomes the property of the recipient.
Additional Grant of Rights – Free price-plan
In the exchange for free usage of the render-service, you grant us the additional rights to use any uploaded material as we see fit for internal usage. You do not grant us the right to sub-license or sell additional copies of your unmodified files, artwork or rendered images.


Not permitted:
Public display and advertising: E.g. displaying your rendered images to the public
Making copies of your work: E.g. selling or sub-license your work (i.e. the blender-file) or any part thereof in such a way that multiple entities receive the same permitted usage (e.g. permit a 3rd party to use your content while still retaining a copy for our simultaneous usage)
Internal review, product development or service optimization: We may use your renders and/or source-files as part of our internal training, review-process or other non-public acitivities. We may use your work and any modifications of it to develop optimizations, new products or services
Transfer of rights: We may transfer the rights granted to another party (under the same terms).
Paid price-plan
This service is not implemented yet.

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